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Digital marketing news and trends are all around us. Whether it is Facebook that makes the headlines in major news channels about how they are changing the world of politics and personal data or how they are generating revenue like never before … the world of digital marketing is now built into our lives like never before.

With this in mind, digital marketing and global business news quickly merged into one. If you visit a website like CNBC, TechCrunch or even Fox Business, you will soon be overwhelmed with too much information – and you will soon forget what you were looking for before you even start.

For internet marketers, content creators and brands, however, digital marketing could have a completely different focus and overall a different meaning. And when it comes to finding the latest news and trends in our industry, we probably don't want what is already covered in the major news agencies, just the industry-specific gossip and news.

In times like these, Stacked Marketer found her niche here!

What is Stacked Marketer and how do I find it?

Stacked Marketer is a leading daily newsletter that is sent to industry experts, website owners, marketers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. What sets SM apart from the crowd is not only that they focus on email marketing for content delivery, but also how they create their custom content in each mailing.

To find Stacked Marketer, all you have to do is visit the website at and enter your email address. As soon as you join, you will receive your mailings daily. As a subscriber, you also have access to their archives. This is always helpful when you want to find out about the latest industry news and gossip news from the past week.

Wait … that sounds familiar to you?

When you look at Stacked Marketer's website and brand, you may think that this is a little bit familiar with something else you may have seen. And if you think so, you are correct!

Stacked Marketer is actually "What the Aff" with a completely new brand name and focus.

Everything that made What The Aff one of the most read and subscribed mailing lists in the industry is exactly the same at Stacked Marketer today. The only difference is that they wanted a better name for branding purposes, but weren't limited to the affiliate marketing industry (as the name suggests).

The brand continues to be managed by Emanuel Cinca, and the same content creation and marketing team still exists. If you liked What The Aff's offer, you will love Stacked Marketer for the same and other reasons.

What makes Stacked Marketer so great anyway?

As an entrepreneur, our time is very precious. We try not to waste too much of it on social media and deal with various distractions throughout the day. This is also the reason why many of us try to keep our inboxes clean and not actively subscribe to a number of newsletters.

A great way to minimize distractions and wasted time while getting industry news and trends at the same time is to get it all done in a daily mailing from Stacked Marketer. The advantage here, however, is not just the information they provide, but also how well they get the good things out and how fun it is to read them.

With time and appreciation for only high quality content that is always in the foreground for our interests, Stacked Marketer ensures that they create the best possible content for digital marketers every day and that they are simple and thorough enough to be consumed within minutes Time.

Features for stacked marketers

First, let's look at one of the titles from a recent mailing. The emoji symbols catch your attention and the headings make you want to open and read more.

Stacked Marketer Title

This title certainly has a lot to offer, but the mailing itself has more to offer. The good news is that they provide great summaries and highlights throughout the mailing, so you don't waste your time linting and can click the full article if you're interested.

Below you can see one of the latest mailings.

Stacked marketer content

Each mailing is a collection of digital marketing news and trends across the industry, including a sponsored message (which is usually a case study and adds value), relevant business and e-commerce stories or news, and a rounding up the stack- Section under The End, which offers another set of useful tidbits and news that we would all be interested in.

Round off the stack

As previously mentioned, all of these emails can be read directly from the Stacked Marketer archives or directly from your inbox if you should be nearby for daily delivery.

Stacked Marketer believes sharing is important

Let's face it … the more viewers a TV station or news agency has, the better! Not just for advertising, but also for branding and overall growth.

Stacked Marketer would love to have millions of new subscribers to their daily newsletter, but they also need your help. Best of all, they're ready to offer some pretty sweet rewards and prizes along the way.

Unlike other platforms or news agencies that only ask for a social share or spread the world, Stacked Marketer has a referral system that rewards users for sending free newsletter signups to their website.

Below is a list of the many different rewards they have to win.

Referral program

If you like what you see, just scroll to the bottom of your email and get the referral code associated with your email address after becoming a free Stacked Marketer subscriber. Share it with your social audience, industry friends or even on your website and watch the recommendation numbers stack up.

The first price level is pretty cool and tailored for the Stacked Marketer brand. However, if you can achieve some volume, you may be on your way to a high-end affiliate conference like Affiliate World, Affiliate Summit or PI Live at no cost! Better yet, send a thousand new subscribers to their website and you'll be flown to Vienna to meet with the Stacked Marketer team!

The stacked marketer delivers the goods

The next time you browse through some of the top internet marketing websites and blogs to find out what's new in the industry, don't forget that Stacked Marketer treated you.

Visit their website, join their mailing list and stay up to date in just five minutes a day.

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