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The 5 emails you should send to Skyrocket Sales this Cyber ​​Monday

Also get your Cyber ​​Monday content calendar!

Cyber ​​Monday's online sales reached an all-time high in 2018 and, according to Adobe Analytics, hit a record $ 7.9 billion. This is an increase of 19.3% over the previous year – and sales are not expected to increase until December of this year.

Are you ready to click "Go" in your Cyber ​​Monday email campaign? Here is a content calendar that you can use to ensure that you maximize your advertising.

Your 5 email campaign for Cyber ​​Monday 2019

November 29: Send your "teaser" email. Test your promotion with a "preview" email sent three days * before Cyber ​​Monday. Let your subscribers know that something big is coming on December 2nd – but don't tell them what. Inspire them for the announcement.

* You don't want this email to be sent more than three days in advance, or you can cannibalize your sales before the promotion goes live. People may be reluctant to buy when they know that a better deal is only a few days away.

December 1st: Send a countdown email. Send a 12-hour countdown email to your audience the evening before your promotion begins. (The anticipation!) You can plan this in advance in your AWeber account.

You don't have an AWeber account yet? Sign up for a 30-day free trial and get your Cyber ​​Monday emails scheduled!

December 2nd (morning): Start your campaign. Submit your promotion – whether it's a coupon code that gives your subscribers a percentage of their purchase price, a free gift on purchase, or a special giveaway for the first 200 customers to shop – on Cyber ​​Monday.

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December 2nd (afternoon): Resend your promotion. Not all of your subscribers will be concerned with your email. That's okay: your inboxes are flooded with deals on Cyber ​​Monday. For this reason, I recommend resending your message to anyone on your list who hasn't opened or clicked it later in the day. It is another opportunity for you to reach them.

December 3: Email after graduation. With AWeber, you can mark subscribers who reach your website via a specific page from your advertising emails. The next day, send a follow-up email to the subscriber group that made it to a specific product page or checkout – but never made a purchase. Let them know that the product is still available, repeat the benefits of the purchase, and let them know that you will extend the promotion by a few hours just for them!

Examples of Creative Cyber ​​Monday emails

Below are some of our favorite Cyber ​​Monday email marketing ideas from the past few years. Use it as feed to create and start your own email marketing campaign with AWeber this Cyber ​​Monday.

Cyber ​​Monday Email: Chubbies

Chubbies, the brand known for short shorts (think "Larry Byrd" short shorts … i.e. lots of skin), had fun with their Cyber ​​Monday email campaign. They called it Thighber Monday and made it an event.

A new free gift – like duffle bags, blankets, hats and more – was unveiled via email every hour on Thighber Monday. If you bought a product on their website, you will receive the free gift for this hour together with your purchase.

The campaign made people return to their inbox hour by hour to find out what gift would be revealed next.

Cyber ​​Monday email: Melyssa Griffin

The digital marketer and coach Melyssa Griffin helps bloggers and entrepreneurs to increase their audience and income. For Cyber ​​Monday, Melyssa has bundled all of her online courses into one fantastic offer. Bundling or packaging certain products can make the promotion feel larger and more effective than when a discount is given for each item.

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Cyber ​​Monday Email Melyssa Griffin

Cyber ​​Monday email: Taco Bell

Taco Bell did not offer a Cyber ​​Monday promotion. Instead, they relied on how hungry you are after a long day of shopping online. Taco about a new idea.

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Cyber ​​Monday email: Everlane

Remind your customers of how good they always have it! Everlane did that with the email "No sale here". They pointed out that their prices are already 50% lower than most retailers every day.

Cyber ​​Monday email: Lewis Howes

The motivating speaker and coach Lewis Howes focused on "exclusivity" in his Cyber ​​Monday deal. He played all the benefits of participating in the Elite program for members only and offered a substantial discount on his monthly coaching program.

Cyber ​​Monday email Lewis Howes

Start your Cyber ​​Monday email campaign quickly

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