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Your Vacation GIF Guide: Festive GIFs to spice up your vacation emails

Check out these 16 festive GIFs from AWebers design elves. Use them in your vacation email marketing campaigns!

We know how expensive it can be to buy high quality creative images or GIFs and how time consuming it can be to create them yourself. For this reason, the AWeber design elves have created a FREE GIF guide for our blog readers on vacation.

Use the following 16 animated GIFs for your vacation email marketing campaigns. (GIFs can increase click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales rates!) There is a mix of brand new GIFs and fan favorites from previous years. Place them in a Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday email, a holiday newsletter or a New Year's sale message to your subscribers.

Not yet an AWeber customer? Come with us! Create your FREE account now and see how easy it is to use one of these GIFs in our drag and drop message editor.

How to download your vacation GIFs

Step 1: Find the animated holiday GIF you want to use in your email below.

Step 2: Save it on your computer by either right-clicking on the GIF and selecting "Save Image" or dragging the GIF to your desktop.

Step 3: Upload the GIF to your email template in AWeber. Select "Original" under Image Size. That's it!

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Vacation GIFs

Vacation gif

Happy Hannukah picture


Christmas lights picture

Happy New Year GIFs

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday GIFs

Black friday sale picture

Cyber ​​Monday sale picture

Cyber ​​weekend sale image

How can I use these GIFs in my emails?

Try one of these three GIF placements.

Place the GIF over the heading

Add a holiday GIF above your email headline to draw subscribers' attention and instantly attract them.

Vacation email GIF

Place the GIF in the body of the email

Split content areas by adding a holiday GIF to the text of your email. This keeps your readers on the page in the direction of your call for action.

Vacation email GIF

Place the GIF at the end of the email

Would you like your subscribers to read your entire message first? Place a holiday GIF after the action button.

Vacation email GIF

Best practices for using vacation GIFs in email

1. Don't overdo it: use only one GIF per email.

2. Only use a GIF if you think it will make your email work better. If it prevents your subscribers from reading your message or clicking your call to action, skip the GIF.

3. Remove all other images except your GIF so that subscribers are not overwhelmed with graphics.

4. Link your GIF to the landing page you want to visit. (Many people click the GIF itself.)

5. Create your own GIF? Put your call to action in the first frame. This way, your subscribers can click through even if the animation doesn't work.

6. Always test your emails. Most email clients display GIFs, but there are some exceptions such as Outlook 2007-2013 and Windows Phone 7. In these clients, the GIFs are displayed as static images.

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7. Keep the file size of your GIF small (less than 40 KB). You can use Photoshop to reduce the file size if necessary.

8. Your GIF should be relevant to the rest of the content of your email. Make sure it complements your subject line, your call to action, and your message text.

9. No matter what GIF you use, call for action loudly and clearly. (Here are 8 powerful email copywriting techniques you can use in your next email.)

10. Test a GIF in various places in your email to determine where it works best. (With AWeber's powerful split test feature, you can test GIF placement, subject lines, airtime, copies, templates, buttons, and more! Try it for FREE today.)

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